• Our school doing its Independance Day parade on the main street of Nueva Guinea

NACE (Nicaragua Advances in Christian Education) was formed in 2013 with the specific mission of supporting the work in Nicaragua and helping the missionaries that work there. Its primary function was the establishment and running of a Christian school in Nueva Guinea (about 5 hours southeast of Managua, the capital).

“Colegio Cristiano Manto de Gracia” started its first full school year in February of 2011 with preschool, first, and second grades. Each year, a grade has been or will  be added, through high school. In December, 2015, we graduated our first ever sixth grade class. In February, 2016, we added 7th grade (first year of high school in Nicaragua) and in 2017 we will add 8th grade.


Our vision is to provide a quality, Bible based education that emphasizes:

  1. Reading Nicaraguans typically do not read beyond what is necessary, including teachers. We want to develop a passion for reading in our students and, for that reason, have established a lending library (which is very rare in Nicaragua). We also plan to take a mobile library to even poorer communities.
  2. Music Nicaraguan marching bands primarily consist of drums, with an occasional horn. We know that music is important in one’s personal development, and we’d like to develop a quality program.
  3. Science In Nueva Guinean high schools, the sciences are only taught from a book (which is often shared by many students). We’d like to have labs and more hands on teaching.

Outside of the school, we also have:

  1. A children’s Bible Club for the barrio.
  2. An after school reading club.
  3. After school sports programs.
  4. After school English club.
  5. After school computer classes.
  6. After school chess club.

We also have a  “mobile library” outreach to 3 different schools in small communities – San Juan, La Esperancita, and Guinea Vieja. We plan to expand these programs adding children’s Bible ministry, and reach out this year to the community of Los Ángeles.
childrens Bible programs.

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For more information, please contact us at nacenicaragua@gmail.com.